The Founder

Hello there Everyone!

I"m Meera Ravi. 

A Wedding Designer. An Architect. A Business Woman &

also the youngest of my kind!


I were in the third year of Architecture School when I  branched into Weddings as a profession. 

Two questions we get asked often:

  1.  How and Why did I branch into Weddings as a Profession? 
  2. What would happen to The Dream Theme after marriage?


The Bridal March & Co. fomerly known as The Dream Theme, came together in the Architecture classrooms at the age of 19.  Having grown up watching fairytales like that of an average girl, lusting over beautiful castles and  imagining spaces for what they could be rather than what they are, had a deep way of translating into my life in the form of Weddings. Giving life to how we imagined a Wedding Day to be like, gave birth to The Dream Theme alongside Architecture School in the year of 2013. Having a strong sense of aesthetics and backed by Architecture School, our company started to bridge the gap between imagination and reality. One of the weddings that we designed also went on to be called "Fairytale Wedding of The Year"!

Getting into the Wedding Business needed more than just a sense of Aesthetics. I spent a lot of our time to understand the dynamics of what actually goes on behind the scenes to execute those picture perfect spaces, what our market needed and most importantly what our people were looking for. Our team designed mock-up spaces at home, drew inspiration from almost anything around us and worked through the nights to perfect our execution. My definition of sleepovers were the nights of setup at venues. After 5 years of successfully being in the Wedding Biz, I got to make our own dreams come true and  play that one role which all girls typically rehearse in their heads over and over - BRIDE. This gave birth to The Bridal March & Co. 


The Bridal March & Co. embarks the extension & story of my journey, after having played Bride marched down the aisle; the inspiration with which I commenced.

After having prepped for this day for a long time, we're happy to inform that our team has expanded. We primarily operate from India, but are taking bookings worldwide as we dive into the world of Destination Weddings. 

Stepping into the other side, has evolved my perspective towards Weddings exponentially. Designing my own weddings, and focusing on creating spaces for yourselves, when I look back at our wedding day, those memories etched deeply inside us are the intangible ones; the way everything & everyone around us made me feel. 

After having lived through it, I can now say this with more certainty than when our weddings was a useful, but purely intellectual concept: 

Your Wedding Day is the most important day of your life; a new chapter; happily ever laughter; 

those picture perfect dreams about to manifest. 

The nervousness. The pressure. The anticipation. 

Shit is just about to get real! 

Amidst the chaos of emotions & to-do lists, what you will remember deeply is, the way your wedding day made you feel. 

Through The Bridal March & Co., we ensure the spaces we create you on your wedding day translate into those stories you carry forward with you, for the rest of your lives. 

We focus, we re-work, we perfect. 

We ask ourselves, 

"How do we want to make you feel?"

Only then do we sign our work.